Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hard day!

Today has been the day!

The whole week, and today is just Wednesday, the pressure and the stress are in the air at the office. Between great news: We acquired a new computer, somebody just called me to cancel a meeting that I didn’t remember and we have great trainers for the conference which will take place in three weeks… There are “chicharrones” that always appears when you really don’t need them.

I’m doing my best trying to accomplish with everything, but I’m a bit tired and everyday I’m finding that the effort is not equal to the result. That makes me think if I’m doing the right effort. More to the people I lead, more to the process I’m responsible for, more to the results I must achieve, more to the task that I need to do in order to able my team to do their own work.

And when I finish these words, it will be the time to accomplish with all the things that are in the list, and there will be no excuse. That is the commitment of a MC member, I can never be tired enough to not to do what I have to do.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chair in Zonalito ROSARIO EAN!!!

It was a sucess!

The weekend after came back from IC, I was taking a bus at 7:00 a.m. going to La Mesa, the chosen place bythe amazing OC team to be the one to get involved their new members on the AIESEC magic!

An we did it! Since the bus session, the wellknown play called PioPio...hehehe.
And after it, every detail of the academic sessions, the great place, the food the nice OC team... wow!!!

One of the good experiences being MC, just arriving home after an incredible time in Poland!

Thanks to Nancy, Lucy, JuanK, Andres, Victor, Ani, Chamo... ufff, you did a great work since the selection processes, you have great people starting their AIESEC experience.

Rosario and EAN will rock!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Querer es Poder...y porque quiero, ME VOY A POLONIA CARAJO!!!

Yesterday, I was thinking "today has been the most crazy day in many time", running from one side to another... asking for tickets confirmation, the money for the fee... and at the end of the day I just click the button "post" in the cancellation forum in

But today was a new day, I woke up happy and optimist, I went to the office and a bit of pressure from Ivan was the necessary to walk to the embassy and apply for my visa to Poland. And here is the best part of the story...

...Feliciano, Ashoka Fellow and my mentor during my traineeship in ACSOL was the key person to my trip become true. It was enough a call to him and he made his major effort to put me in contact with Susie... and walking to the embassy Susie call me back after a couple of messages and ask me about the proposal, THE PROPOSAL. Well that proposal was just a solicitude of sponsorship to go to the IC, and after explain her what AIESEC is about, what I’m doing in Colombia and why I want to go to the Conference. So, she just tell me “Ok, you did the reservation through Air France, so it’s not sure through that airline because we have Continental or American Airlines, but please don’t lose your reservation, I will ask to my travel agent for the reservation.” And in that moment I was the happiest girl in the world!!!!

Thanks a lot Feliciano and Susie, I will be in Poland and I will do my part.

Going to Poland

Friday, July 14, 2006

Starting my MCVP Experience

One week ago, I came back from NATS Colombia, where for firts time in my whole AIESEC life, I lived a take over, and it was mine as incoming...YEA!!!

The two great moments were, the firts doing bunging jumping in San Gil, a small town at the northeast of Colombia (I hope Alejo Pereira can convert the video to digital media) ... the second one, it was when Ivancho, my MCP, says to the plenary the name of the team's roles and I realized that I'm MCVP and any more a support area. That was an amazing felling because it was one of my personal challenges for the year, and now it is done.

I'm so happy with my team, Juank my desk matte makes me smile every time, and now that Lala is in Colombia we are complete. Serge with his new image is a huge inspiration for all of us whom want to increase our impact and influence...hahahaha... Serge we love you, hahahaha. Been is almost like my twin, except for our external appearance. And Pipe is full of crazy grandmother’s phrases and that is source of fun always. At last but not least, Ivan, he is the leader that someone could dream.

Well, I really pleased to be here in Colombia, my country, living this experience. The first challenges and the first successes had come to the playground… and I’m an excited player.