Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hard day!

Today has been the day!

The whole week, and today is just Wednesday, the pressure and the stress are in the air at the office. Between great news: We acquired a new computer, somebody just called me to cancel a meeting that I didn’t remember and we have great trainers for the conference which will take place in three weeks… There are “chicharrones” that always appears when you really don’t need them.

I’m doing my best trying to accomplish with everything, but I’m a bit tired and everyday I’m finding that the effort is not equal to the result. That makes me think if I’m doing the right effort. More to the people I lead, more to the process I’m responsible for, more to the results I must achieve, more to the task that I need to do in order to able my team to do their own work.

And when I finish these words, it will be the time to accomplish with all the things that are in the list, and there will be no excuse. That is the commitment of a MC member, I can never be tired enough to not to do what I have to do.