Friday, October 26, 2007

Getting used to...

My third week is Izmit is just starting... and also I'm starting to feel the real differences!

There is one thing I forgot to teel you, about my first day in Istambul: I was just arriving to Zeynep's place and I went inside the house, and almost reach the kitchen, when Zeynep's mom look at me like in a mood of horror!! Well, I when into the house on my shoes... and in musulm customs you must take out your shoes and leave them beside the door to go into the house!!!

Así que como decimos en mi tierra: "que pena tan hij@#$%^&*(+"

Now, this week I was walking around the city, and I realized that in Izmit there are not traffic lights... but really! there are lots of cars and lots of people, and highways, and big avenues, and the traffic is really hard... but there are not traffic lights, so the street walkers are in charge of fight with the cars, buses and trucks, and manage the traffic in that way... Quite fun ahh!!!

But, that's just a details. I'm pleasingly surprise with the value of the honesty that Izmit people use to manage. Every day, to take the bus I have to say "bir ögrenci (pronounced beer orenyi), to the bus driver, so I will be able to pay as student, it means a cheaper price!
And the people, the young people is really honest with this!!!

Even in my work place, my boss leave the portatil in the middle of the plant... for days... and the laptop is still there... in fact, they have a meeting room quite close to the machines bloque, you know, full of workers and so... and the room is open all the time with a video beam and two laptops in there on the table! Oh my godness... I've never seen that even in my univertisy!

Well... I will leave you with some pictures of the past weekend with my trainee mates!

By the way, today arrives to our place another trainee, Risa from Indonesia... she's also muslim and she covers her head and prays 5 times at day. I'm sure I will get amazing learnings from this experience :)