Saturday, August 12, 2006

Querer es Poder...y porque quiero, ME VOY A POLONIA CARAJO!!!

Yesterday, I was thinking "today has been the most crazy day in many time", running from one side to another... asking for tickets confirmation, the money for the fee... and at the end of the day I just click the button "post" in the cancellation forum in

But today was a new day, I woke up happy and optimist, I went to the office and a bit of pressure from Ivan was the necessary to walk to the embassy and apply for my visa to Poland. And here is the best part of the story...

...Feliciano, Ashoka Fellow and my mentor during my traineeship in ACSOL was the key person to my trip become true. It was enough a call to him and he made his major effort to put me in contact with Susie... and walking to the embassy Susie call me back after a couple of messages and ask me about the proposal, THE PROPOSAL. Well that proposal was just a solicitude of sponsorship to go to the IC, and after explain her what AIESEC is about, what I’m doing in Colombia and why I want to go to the Conference. So, she just tell me “Ok, you did the reservation through Air France, so it’s not sure through that airline because we have Continental or American Airlines, but please don’t lose your reservation, I will ask to my travel agent for the reservation.” And in that moment I was the happiest girl in the world!!!!

Thanks a lot Feliciano and Susie, I will be in Poland and I will do my part.

Going to Poland